Business Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring

Are you a founder and/or owner of your company?

Perharps you feel:

  • Surprised by your own success
  • Organic growth got out of hand
  • There are too many people to manage
  • You work hard and nothing really gets done
  • Nobody does it as well as you
  • You just want to do “your thing”

If you do, relax, there is hope :o) 

Chances are, you are a talented, ambitious and hard working person. 

You had a good idea and the courage to turn it into a business. 

And THAT’s no little thing!

Are you a manager or you “only” wish to improve your professional life?

You may also feel:

  • People in my team are not doing what they should
  • I don’t have the respect I deserve
  • I have too much work and too little time
  • I work too hard
  • I don’t know what I’m expected to do
  • I think we could work better/faster/more efficiently (fill in the blank), I just don’t know how

You are aware of it and THAT’s good! Most of these problems can be resolved, if they are identified.  If you are willing to learn, open to change and disciplined enough to apply what you learned, you are well on your way to a better place.

I help my clients mostly with:

  • Business plan
  • Organization and structure
  • Processes
  • Cash flow
  • Human resources
  • Leadership
  • Marketing strategy
  • Workflow
  • Corporate identity
  • Brand identity
  • Life vs Work Balance
  • Time Management
  • Communication and Presentation skills

I work with individuals and small teams (2-5 people)

Languages: English, Czech, Slovak

Format: Typically we combine personal and online meetings